Ltd. Edition Bronze Sculptures

Strengthen Your Faith in Jesus Christ Through Magnificent Art

The bronze sculptures of Jesus Christ created by Angela Johnson defies comprehension. From the hands of a self taught sculptor comes the grace and elegance of old European masters. Bring the classic beauty of her majestic depictions of our Beautiful Savior into your life and let the healing spirit of Jesus Christ bless your life.

Christian Sculptures

See the Stories of Jesus Come to Life through bronze sculptures

Invite the majesty and timeless power of magnificent depictions of Jesus Christ into your home. Experience the tangible power of a fine art bronze sculpture that will be a legacy to your family. Let the beauty of an Angela Johnson sculpture help set the spirit of your home.

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AJ Sculptures - The Light of the World Garden about Jesus Christ

Can we make the bold declaration that a life can pivot upon a single realization? Mine did. From the time I was thirteen years old I had studied voice with the desire of one day singing at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. While raising four beautiful children, performing recitals and teaching voice, my focus never wavered from that lofty goal. You can accomplish anything you put your mind to, was the philosophy I had embraced, completely. I had experienced wonderful performing opportunities and studied with world renowned coaches but was not content with anything less than the full accomplishment of my goals.

One day, in my late thirties, I sat down at the piano to begin a typical day of vocalizing that would usually last four to five hours. As I began to sing a realization hit me with great force. I knew I would never accomplish my ultimate vocal goal. The scaffolding I had built inside me started to collapse. As I watched it fall, I was absolutely devastated.

In great pain I symbolically closed the lid to my piano, went to the art store, bought a block of water based clay, one sculpting tool and four hours later there was a portrait bust of a little girl on my kitchen table. It seemed that from the moment my hands touched the clay, the clay pulled all the pain from my heart.

I didn’t know at that time but from that moment, my life had been changed forever. The seeds for The Light of the World Garden had been planted by the hand of God.

In 2003, I had a deep spiritual experience where I was given the concept of a sculpture garden depicting the teachings and miracles of Jesus Christ. The very first depiction I created of Jesus was the miracle of Him walking on the water, “It is I, Be Not Afraid”.

As this amazing journey has unfolded I have seen a much greater scope appear on the horizon. The sculptural depictions I have created will be the backdrop to an ongoing, highly visible artistic, educational movement that will inspire, support and exhibit magnificent works that others will create, all as a  constellation of devotion centering on Jesus Christ. The I Am the Light of the World Foundation is the organization I founded to bring this to pass.

Nothing fascinates me more than Jesus Christ. He is the Son of God, the Savior of the World. His grace, love, mercy and sacrifice are the greatest gifts the world will ever know. His power to save and heal is beyond what we can understand. It is through faith in Him, following Him we see His power manifested in our lives.